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After years of research and testing, in 2013, we industrialized the production of Recycled Carbon Fiber, using the scraps taken from companies who process virgin carbon.

In 2016 we opened FC Carbon, the first plant in Switzerland, and production capacity has  progressively expanded thanks to the success of our products and the entry of major financiers.

In 2017 collaborating with new partners has guaranteed the access to resources putting us on the market. Additionally our entry into a finance company enabled us to manage more recycling projects.

2018 was the year of upgrading the facility and the search of other partners in order to open a new plant in Germany


A sustainable future for the industrial production goes through the recycling and the new life of materials that have already undergone an industrial process. However, it is not just a question of having renewed raw materials available, because our mission is also a social one. We are working on wasted elements whose fate would have been the disposal which has negative environmental effects. 

Innovative Recycling implements a philosophy allowing the creation of an innovative and high quality product. Not only that, its economic, technological and environmental aspects create and added value that affects all of us, thanks to a sustainable production process with a strong impact on the community