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Recycling carbon waste not only makes it more sustainable to use, but also increases its potential to use it in both semi-finished and final products. For this reason, we use industrial and academic partnerships to offer our customers a consulting service dedicated to the use of our product according to specific needs and assisting the development of new applications and / or products to be sold on the market


Automotive components

Dashboards, frames, roll-bars, brakes


Building materials, internal structures


Wind structures


 Prosthetics, dentistry


Hulls, bulkheads, sailing masts, surfboards

Sport and leisure

Golf, cycling, skiing, gadgets


  • Reputational benefits: the usage of a “green” manufactured product may grant the user’s production the labelling of sustainable hence improving the chance of those news markets that require the manufacturing process to be compliant with social and environmental rules (ESG compliant);

  • Financial benefits: taking advantage of specific fiscal incentives and winning additional financing from capital markets and institutional investors specialized in Socially Responsible Investing.

  • Economic benefits: the lower cost of recycled fibres compared to the virgin-fibres is directly reflected into lower production-costs;

  • Strategic benefits: we are not simple manufacturers. We are a business partner ready to help on any specific need through our pre-sales advisory service and R&D capability.