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Carbon dust is currently used in the friction industry. For this area our exclusive distributor is the company CAME SRL (via Lepetit 40- 20020 Lainate, Milan). It is a company that supplies carbon-based materials to the world’s major industries


Non-woven fabric is one of the materials we use for our work. It is produced by FC Carbon


The carbon fiber is a high quality material, selected and cut in different lengths for each type of application. All our fibers are suitable, therefore compatible with any type of thermosetting and thermoplastic matrix. The crushed carbon fiber increases the mechanical properties (tensile strength and elastic modulus), electrical conductivity, thermal dissipation, anti-static and abrasive.

The same characteristics are proposed for the crushed carbon fiber which guarantees electrical conductivity, thermal dissipation, anti- staticity, abrasiveness and smoothness.

Both products are useful in various fields: from construction to mixed glues, from cementitious mortars to plasterboard. They are fundamental in creating new products, always of high performance and at the forefront able to respond to every need


The stock block is our most technologically advanced product. We are talking about a homogeneous block of highly compressed carbon fibers which combine the characteristics of lightness and strength of the virgin material to an incredible ease of processing, with complete absence of delamination. 

The stock block is used in various areas, from the medical/ dental field to the production of small products, perfect for the automotive industry and the aeronautics


Carbon fiber is a high quality product used in various areas: automotive, construction, marine, medical, sports and leisure time. Its applications are varied because in the current and future financial future the use of alternative energy and eco- sustainable technologies requires a material that meets the needs of lightness and strength at the same time. Carbon fiber is one of the most effective solutions but its spread has been held back by the high costs and difficulties encountered in processing the virgin product


Our idea starts from the use of a “second cycle”, designed by Innovative Recycling: this is the recovery and regeneration of dry wasted virgin fiber. The material is then subjected to a manufacturing process that maintains the quality of the carbon fibers and creates a product with excellent mechanical properties.   

Thanks to the technology and machinery designed internally, Innovative Recycling is able to respond to the technical specifications of the client answering without problems to every order it receives. And in the future we will be able to take advantage of the already impregnated waste by recovering and reusing the matrix (resin) used