technology for a
greener world

The use of carbon fiber - light, resistant and versatile - has been held back due to the high costs of the raw material and the difficulty in processing it. The recycled fiber maintains the quality of the virgin fibers, with a substantial lowering of costs. The products made with our fibers are innovative and of high quality without neglecting the environmental aspect. 

Giving second life
to carbon fibre

Compared to the high cost of carbon fiber production, the difficulties in the production of the virgin carbon fibers and the large use of energy required, the manufacture of recycled carbon fiber presents a highly cost-effective solution for the growth of the industry. Recycling carbon fibers not only reduces the environmental burden caused by carbon fiber scraps, but it also helps create an equally strong and versatile product as the virgin carbon fiber in a cost-effective way. Our innovative concept gives a second life to carbon fiber, ensuring a sustainable future for the industry.


policies for
a brighter future

Our manufacturing process pays utmost attention to eco-friendliness and sustainability. After years of research and testing, Innovative Recycling has successfully industrialized the production of a recycled carbon fiber product, RCF - NWF (Recycled Carbon Fiber Non-Woven Fabric) using dry waste material from virgin carbon fiber producers, thus paving the way for a new, eco-friendly and sustainable field of industry.

The restoration and re-use of carbon fiber use significantly less energy than the initial production, whereas, in the future, we plan to take our sustainable practices a step further, with the development of a recycling and re-using process for the carbon fiber resin as well. Every step of the process, from the collection of dry carbon fibers waste, quality control, pre-processing and cleaning, to the final product, is 100% green and eco-friendly.