The Company

A sustainable future
for industrial production
passes through
the recycling of materials.


Innovative Recycling, boasting an extensive experience in industrial recycling and after years of scientific research, in 2013, extended its operation to the production of recycled carbon fibers, using waste products from carbon fiber manufacturers.


Thanks to the success and high demand of our innovative product, this major step forward was quickly followed by the launch of our FC Carbon plant in 2016, an investment backed by key financiers who shared our view and ambition for the future. The FC Carbon plant was the first of its kind to operate in Switzerland. 


2017 followed with new collaborations that established FC Carbon’s presence in the international market of recycled carbon fiber materials, a feat that allowed the company to expand its production capabilities to better fit clients’ standards and specifications. 



Our facilities in Switzerland underwent an extensive upgrade in 2018, and the next step for FC Carbon is to establish a new, state-of-the-art recycling facility in Germany and Croatia.


In 2020 the company completed a long reconstruction and acquired a new 650tn hydraulic press which is used to create the carbon fiber plates. Our press -being state of the art- is frequently used by our partners who want to create or test new materials. We also added a CNC machine to mill the plates and create anything from carbon disks to belt buckles.


Progress and innovation
for every-day

Our in-depth knowledge of carbon fiber gained through years of research and trials has enabled us to cover a wide range of applications.

Behind the concept of Innovative Recycling and FC Carbon lies our passion for creating sustainable, eco-friendly products of the highest quality, exploring not just the economic and technological side of carbon fibers, but especially the environmental one. 

Our principal goal is to implement our innovative technology and expertise to create high quality and sustainable carbon fiber materials using waste that would otherwise burden the environment and to strive for constant improvement of our environmental footprint. 


Our mission

To be at the forefront of the industry and leaders in the field of reliable recycled carbon fiber production.

Creating a sustainable product with eco-friendly processes that minimize our environmental footprint and makes good use of carbon-fiber waste that would otherwise burden the environment. 

Reducing the consumption of the planet's resources and preserving them for future generations.

Meet our team
of pioneers

Enrico Rocchinotti
Managing Director

Innovative Recycling’s managing director, Enrico Rocchinotti is in charge of the commercial and financial development of our company for the Italian and Swiss markets. He studied business administration at the Catholic University of Milan and has been an inspired entrepreneur since the age of 24.

His extensive experience in the industry includes his work as managing director of 77 companies operating in the field of construction and logistics, with more than 350 employees and an annual turnover of 10 million.

Enrico Rocchinotti
Luca Matace Raso
Managing Director & Acquisitions Manager

Our company’s managing director and acquisitions manager. A lawyer since 1995, he founded his law firm (LGL Studio Legale Associato/ associate law firm) in 2004.

After years of legal practice, he specialized in assisting industrial companies, gaining direct experience in management, whereas, for more than ten years, he has held a permanent position as a director and legal representative of manufacturing companies, including our own.

Luca Matace Raso
Professor Jaime Ferrer Dalmau
Sales & Marketing Director

Professor Jaime Ferrer Dalmau of the University of Barcelona is yet another valuable associate of Innovative Recycling.

He serves as Innovative Recycling’s Sales and Marketing Director whereas his company, R Concept, is our main supplier of the resin and other chemicals required for the production of recycled carbon fiber.

Professor Jaime Ferrer Dalmau